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    S_tray is a smart, ambidextrous tray integrated in the work top, allowing access to the instruments with maximum ergonomics, apt for any desired work position, whether two or four-handed.
    Thanks to S_tray, tools and containers are placed in the operative field of vision so that neither the doctor nor the assistant should move or change posture, turn to a work plan too far away, stand or sit during treatments.
    S_tray is designed to give the best in terms of comfort, safety, usability and practicality, accompanied by forty years experience in the design of customized spaces.
    • It facilitate a better vision on the operatory field
    • Enhance a correct sitting position for both doctor and assistant
    • Maximum ergonomics in every different working position
    • Reduce unnecessary body over extension
    • Provide an additional supporting point
    • Ideal dimensions for a complete treatment set
    • Possibility to adjust worktop height (on CF, CS line)

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