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    The new SIGN line was developed to offer a wide range of customization possibilities, from materials to colors. The SIGN models adapt themselves to the style of the surrounding environment, and feature three different configurations.


    Suspended, raised or till the floor. In all three versions the core element that distinguishes the line and signs its style is the slide component that traces the cabinet from the top down to the ground, along its outline.


    The slide is the real distinguishing trait of all SIGN models, and its color can be personalized at will. It is also available in the chromium-plated version.


    The absence of sharp corners, the rounded edges, the surfaces coplanar with each other and the slide with the same curvature radius from the top to the part resting on the ground provide lightness to the piece of furniture, which brings to mind an elegant vintage style.


    The front panel of doors and drawers, the sides and the top can also be made of glass or Hi-Macs. The tops made of Hi-Macs and glass are available in the Saratoga color range. The front panels and the sides are available in the RAL color of your choice, or made of Hi-Macs and glass in the Saratoga color range.


    The style is tied to functionality, and SIGN is designed to ensure the hygiene of its models. The surfaces, the built-in handles, the sides incorporated into the slide in a compact fashion are designed for easy and optimal cleaning of the dental cabinet.

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